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Nov. 3rd, 2008



no offense live journal, i just like the layout better.

Oct. 9th, 2008


haha, best ever.

Oct. 5th, 2008


+ conor oberst = happy sophy & justin

i love you :)
2 years ^_^

love sophy

(p.s he made me the cutest card ever, it's so gorgeous & he is so amazing!!)

Oct. 1st, 2008


Wow, i did the most enjoyable shoot today!
It was so fun!
It was for Dolly magazine & based on the 50's and Rockabilly etc. it was sososo enjoyable.
My hair was in a ponytail with a little flick out. I felt like a vintage barbie with the types of clothes i was wearing, it was tres bien.

This lady Pixie
(www.boogiebopdames.com) is amazing. Her whole house is 50's/Rockabilly themed, as is she. Cutest woman ever.

Did the shoot with Rebecca & Steven Chee was the photographer - he's fantastic.(www.stevenchee.com)

Anyway, i'm totally in love with some of the stuff i wore today. & v. excited for it to be published!!

love sophy

Sep. 28th, 2008

Best Weekendz Ever

Is coming up ^_^
I'm excited because I haven't done anything on a weekend in so very very long, but this one will be filled with romance and enjoyment.

Friday October 3:
Maddy's 18th Party! It's cocktail - i'm very excited to dress up and enjoy it - very excited indeed. Mostly excited because I get to make justin wear a shirt and tie, he looks so gorgeous when he's slightly formal. Secondly excited because I get to buy a cute new dress for the purposes of 'cocktail attire'; i'm not sure if i have any currently in existance.

Saturday October 4:
Justin & my 2 year anniversary :) I don't want a present from him, because we've planned the most gorgeous morning. on saturday night i'm taking him out to see Connor Oberst @ the Enmore - i hope he'll be excited by that. Then after that we'll grab a bottle of Champagne and head over to the cliffs at Bondi beach where we'll sit and watch the sun rise because it's so rare that we get to see it.. and after? We'll stumble down to the maccas on Bondi beach, get a taxi home and cuddle up and sleep all of Sunday together <3

I wish I got to do more exciting things like this - however, HSC is ruining my life.

Love Sophy

Sep. 11th, 2008

Agyness Deyn is ruining my life

but not really, i was just talking at my job today about how EVERYONE assumes that anyone with peroxide blonde hair must have really short hair, ala Agynes Deyn.
Earth dance on the weekend. So that's curious.
I'm not sure whhat to wear, and i hate not knowing what to wear to these thing :(
Thinking of getting some thigh high stockings, and just wearing those. and ONLY those. ;) heh

Merh. I miss justin :(


Test shot from today:

Aug. 10th, 2008

Global warming

my ass

Global warming totes doesn't even exist
I mean, the past couple of years everyones been like "WE'RE OVERHEATING & WE'RE DYING"
and we've had snow in the major cities, the two coldest summers EVER and "below average" winters, and i think actually, sydney managed the coldest winter day here in July since like 1950

so stfu about global warming cause it's totally getting colder.


Aug. 9th, 2008



we had a series of fortune events on the way

1) me & juss & sarah were walking through Central to get a bus to Moore Park and these homeless guys asked us for money & justin was like "look man, i'm broke too " etc and so the guy who asked us faked a hernia (der, what else would you do in a situation like that?) and justin was like what the fuck man just cause you're faking a hernia doesn't mean i'm going to give you money and picked up two bottles, n he smashed one incase they followed us and they did haha, anyways these two dero guys were like following us and they're like "WE'LL CALL THE COPS ON YOU BLAH BLAH BLAH" anyway, i convinced justin to throw down the broken bottle, but he kept holding the solid one.
so we get around the corner, and these two cops walk up to us and are like "whats going on?" and sarah stood away from us, but heard what we were saying and basically me and justin were like "look they asked us for money, we said no and like, we've had a couple of drinks so it was probably just an over-reaction on our behalf, but we didn't smash any bottles or anything - we picked one up just in case" and the cop was like "ah, fair enough like a guy and two young girls up against two homeless guys" and we're like yeah, then the other cop came over and talked to sarah 'seperately' but she'd heard us so she basically just said what we said and they cops were like "ah yeah, well look, we don't believe their story because there's no evidence of you smashing a bottle or anything, and you put it down when we asked you to so we know nothing was going to come of it - just like, stay in the light and theres a police station just down the road - come in if they're following you or anything"

and it was AWESOME haha

2) we had a free bus ride there! haha, the bus came like JUST after we got there, and we hopped on but he'd started driving already so he told us not to worry about paying

3) i met lulu! haha

4) it was SO easy to get a cab home, like I thought it'd be hell hard but we ran accross the road and it was only like $13 (thanks sarah, i'll pay you back! <3)

and inbetwixt 3 & 4

they were so good! like, awesomely amazing.
and no one will ever see me dance again, because i was just that happy
and i, am not a dancer.

love sophy ^.^

Jul. 20th, 2008

Writer's Block: Supermarket Grabfest

You have three minutes to grab everything you can from a supermarket. Which items do you go for?

3 minutes? I misread that initially and thought 3 items and thought to myself

" Lo-fat yoghurt; english muffins and butter" (because I would already have supplied of vegemite and water is free!)

Now I have to rethink.
I would head to veegtables and fruit first. Grab a bunch of bananas and some little apple(and some vegetables), then to the snacks aisle. Doritos and salsa. After that, some homebrand soft drinks. Then pasta and heaps of sauce for it and lastly some bread. And some cinnamon donuts. And a chocolate croissant if they were there. And yes. That would be a fair amount. I rekon itd only take me 3 minutes - easy.

Jul. 19th, 2008


we'd only been going out a couple of months at this point....

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